Kettlebell Training for Taekwondo

Published: 08th August 2009
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Kettlebell training is a great way to get into shape quickly. You'll be able to enjoy weight loss, increased stamina, quickness, and strength, and many other benefits once you train with these wonderful tools. Kettlebells originated as a Russian exercise tool, but have become very popular around the world and in a variety of disciplines beyond traditional weight training and exercise. There is something for just about everyone, and for the Taekwondo student who is just starting out or even the elite who are trying to make the most of their training, this can be the perfect exercise tool to add to your current routine.

When it comes to Kettlebell training for the Martial artist, you need to take it easy if you're just starting out. It's easy to over-exert yourself with standard exercises, which is why you can guarantee that you'll overdo it with Kettlebells if you aren't adequately prepared. These bells work just about every muscle in your body, and overdoing it could mean the difference between improving your abilities and seriously injuring yourself. You should do everything that the routine tells you to do at all times, because you will miss out on important elements of the training otherwise. There is definitely something to be said for using the basic techniques because they will help you later when you get to the more advanced techniques.

If you start out with lighter Kettlebells when you begin your training, you will be much better off. Use the lighter bells to master the moves, and then you can use heavier weights once you have perfected your form. Not only will you be able to master your form, but you will also ensure that your muscles to catch up and balance themselves out so that they are all equally strong before you get into using heavier Kettlebells.

An added tip when it comes to Kettlebell training for the martial artist is to train hard and allow yourself a lot of rest in between training. Intense workouts done less often are far more productive than less intense workouts done daily or even every other day. You should also ensure that you're stretching following your Kettlebell training. Otherwise, you could risk serious injury. All in all, with the right training and program, you can ensure that you'll get great results including better range of motion, speed, strength and stamina from Kettlebell training for the martial artist.

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